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A Collection of Quotes About Homeschooling

“Home schooling as an idea is on a par with home dentistry.” – Dick Cavett

“All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.” – Walter Scott

“Once upon a time, all children were homeschooled. They were not sent away from home each day to a place just for children but lived, learned, worked, and played in the real world, alongside adults and other children of all ages.” – Rachel Gathercole

“Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind. Therefore do not use compulsion, but let early education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better able to discover the child’s natural bent.” – Plato

“All the homeschooling parents I know meet on a regular basis with other families. They organize field trips, cooking classes, reading clubs and Scout troops. Their children tend to be happy, confident and socially engaged.” – Quinn Cummings

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” – Mark Twain

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

“The ultimate goal of the educational system is to shift to the individual the burden of pursing his own education. This will not be a widely shared pursuit until we get over our odd conviction that education is what goes on in school buildings and nowhere else.” – John W. Gardner

“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewey

“Homeschooling will certainly produce some socially awkward adults, but the odds are good they would have been just as quirky had they spent twelve years raising their hand for permission to go to the bathroom.” – Quinn Cummings

“Home schooled children frequently combine for many purposes – and they interact well. The growth of the home schooling movement means that more and more children are learning together, just not in a traditional classroom.” – Ernest Istook

“I homeschool my children not to prepare them for exams, but to prepare them for life.” – Tamara L Chilver

“Trying to get more learning out of the present system is like trying to get the Pony Express to compete with the telegraph by breeding faster ponies.” – Edward Fiske

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” – Robert Fulghum

“Nothing can take the place of home in rearing and teaching children, and no other success can compensate for failure in the home.” – David O. McKay

“You will not reap the fruit of individuality in your children if you clone their education.” – Marilyn Howshall

” One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood.” – Agatha Christie

“I believe that school makes complete fools of our young men, because they see and hear nothing of ordinary life there.” – Petronius

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” – Carl Rogers

“The phenomenon of home schooling is a wonderful example of the American can-do attitude. Growing numbers of parents have become disenchanted with government-run public schools. Many parents have simply taken matters into their own hands, literally.” – Steve Forbes

“For a child there is no division between playing and learning; between the things he or she does ‘just for fun’ and things that are ‘educational.’ The child learns while living and any part of living that is enjoyable is also play.” – Penelope Leach

“Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience.” – Julia Ward Howe

“Homeschooled children benefit the community because they are not shaped by peers but by parents.” – Mary Kay Clark

“To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“Real education must ultimately be limited to men who insist on knowing. The rest is mere sheep herding.” – Ezra Pound

“Successful teaching is not head-to-head; it is heart-to-heart.” – Tamara L. Chilver

“So I started home schooling. I was a little freaked out about that, because I’ m such a social person, involved in everything. It was awesome. I loved it and I loved being home.” – Stacie Orrico

“The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with the thoughts of other men.” – James Beattie

“Education is every day and everywhere, the only thing you have to pay is attention.” – Tim Fargo

“Children may be more capable of competent self-directed learning than we give them credit for. – John Holt

“Everyone thinks it goes smoothly in everyone else’s house, and theirs is the only place that has problems. I’ll let you in on a secret about teaching: there is no place in the world where it rolls along smoothly without problems. Only in articles and books can that happen.” – Ruth Beechick

“We can get too easily bogged down in the academic part of homeschooling, a relatively minor part of the whole, which is to raise competent, caring, literate, happy people.” – Diane Flynn Keith

“The biggest mistake new homeschooling parents make is going into it with an ‘all or nothing’ mentality. That’s a lot of pressure for something you’ve never done before.” – Jacqueline Wilson

“More of family and less of school, more of parents and less of peers, more creative freedom and less formal lessons.” – Raymond S. Moore

“Homeschooling and public schooling are as opposite as two sides of a coin. In a homeschooling environment, the teacher need not be certified, but the child must learn. In a public school environment, the teacher must be certified, but the child need not learn.” – Gene Royer

“Break the teacher certification monopoly so anyone with something valuable to teach can teach it. Nothing is more important than this.” – Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

“I suppose it is because nearly all children go to school nowadays and have things arranged for them that they seem so forlornly unable to produce their own ideas.” – Agatha Christie

“For those of you who may be homeschooled: high school is that four-year asylum where they put teenagers because we have no idea what else to do with them.” – Anthony M. Esolen

“When the atmosphere encourages learning, the learning is inevitable.” – Elizabeth Foss

“Notice the difference: A child’s disability is the focus in traditional classroom settings, but his abilities are the focus in the homeschool environment.” – Sandra K. Cook

“I’ll continue to fight for school choice and home schooling. Do I believe in accountability? You bet I do.” – Charlie Crist

“School is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is.” – Ivan Illich

“I learned most, not from those who taught me but from those who talked with me.” – St. Augustine

“The first real lesson I learned as a homeschool teacher is that it’s the students that lead the way.” – Patti Armstrong

“What is most important and valuable about the home as a base for children’s growth into the world is not that it is a better school than the schools, but that it isn’t a school at all.” – John Holt

“I have no patience with the stupidity of the average teacher of grammar who wastes precious years in hammering rules into children’s heads. For it is not by learning rules that we acquire the powers of speaking a language, but by daily intercourse with those accustomed to express themselves with exactness and refinement and by copious reading of the best authors.” – Erasmus

“Education is a system of imposed ignorance.” – Noam Chomsky

“It’s true there is just not enough hours in a day to teach children, clean the house and cook well. The difference between me and other mothers is that I’d rather hire out the cleaning than the children’s learning.” – Theresa Thomas

“It is home schooling that is rejecting a narrowness. It is not a radical value system; it’s actually quite conservative.” – Michael Leunig

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